Louisiana Head Coach Rickey Bustle Quotes

Louisiana Head Coach Rickey Bustle Quotes

Louisiana Head Coach Rickey Bustle Quotes following his team's win in Lafeyette.

On it being a big win/opening statement...

"Without a doubt. It was a great football game. Defensively, I don't know what to say. That was as good as a defensive football game as I've seen in a long, long time. We had a couple guys go down late in the game and we put guys in there to back them up. They held their own. We turned the ball over a couple times in the first half and the defense didn't let them score. I'm so proud of them."

Offensively we kind of shot ourselves in the foot in the first half, laying the ball on the ground. That's something we need to get better at. Second half, we didn't move the ball very well. But when you look at a couple of the 2-mintue drives before the half, those were big-time drives. It was good as any team I've been around. The last drive to get into field goal range was a great team effort."

On Tyler Albrecht's kick...
"I'm proud of Tyler Albrecht to come in there and kicks his first field goal. I've probably said some harsh things about them the past few weeks but I'm proud of them."
On losing the lead and coming back for the win... "It shows the character of this team. We had it last year and we have more of it this year. This is where our football team probably hasn't been. To have somebody down in a close game and be able to keep it close and find a way to win, that's what we did. We found a way to win."

On the crowd...
"They were loud though. I would attribute a couple of their procedure penalties to the crowd. They were yelling so loud and I guarantee the crowd got a few of them. There's no question having a great crowd here is awesome for us."

On what he told the team afterwards...

"I told them I was proud of them. We found a way to win. They didn't want to listen to me too long. They would to go enjoy themselves. It'll be a shame to let this go. It'd be a shame to beat Kansas State and not do anything else. We got a tough team next week. This is going to play out this season. I don't want to look back and say this was a one shot wonder. I want to build on it."

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