KSU JC WR Target Deryn Bowser Talks Top Three

KSU WR Target, Deryn Bowser

KStateFans.com community is talking up the KSU wide receiving corps needs, how recruiting can upgrade that unit as early as 2008. Depite the fact Deon Murphy finally stepped up in KSU's blowout win over CU, helping to ease the load on Jordy Nelson, uncertainty remains about the strength of the Cats' WR unit. Enter JC WR target Deryn Bowser, who gave us a Top 3. KSU in the Mix? Get the 411 below!

Kind of hard to disagree with the Kansas State alumni and fans who participate on our free and premium football board when it comes to what the strengths and weaknesses of the current 2007 version of Ron Prince and company's football team. One of those problems our community of supporters and partners identified is the spotty wide receiver play. Teams trying to take away Jordy Nelson leaves Freeman with a few options, the electric Deon Murphy, only when he catches the ball though, something he's demonstrated he is still not there yet in terms of consistently catching all catch-able balls. But he did a lot better in the KSU-CU game, playing arguably his best game to date. And needless to say, that might very well be why K-State was able to close out a tough, up-to-task Colorado team (who already knocked off the Big 12 favorite this year Oklahoma)...

Having said all of the above, let's turn our attention to K-State's WR recruiting. After all, that is where improvements can be made going forward and never more so than in JUCO ranks, where K-State has made it an absolute priority to get those kind of kids plugged into their system, up to speed quickly, and make no mistake the kids they're targeting are kids capable of making an instant impact.

Today, KStateFans.com highlights the recruitment of Deryn Bowser, of LAHC (Los Angeles Harbour College), which just so happens to be the same school LA Harbour CB Billy McClellan -- a K-State Commitment -- plays his J.C. ball...

Checking in at a legitimate 6-foot-1 and 1/8 of an inch, 202 pounds and clocking forty times in the 4.49 range (at a Scout.com held for JUCO players by our very own Scout.com JC guy Kevin Lustgarden --the absolute authority on the Cali JUCO ranks), make no mistake this kid has the size/speed package, not to mention "The Game" KSU needs in order to upgrade the wide receiving unit immediately...

"Right now, I'd have to say my top three schools are Oregon, Oregon State and Kansas State," Bowser sharing pertinent recruiting information told KStateFans.com...

The Wildcats have tasked WR coach Brock with the responsibility of wooing Bowser to Manhattan and he actually called last night when we spoke to the LA Harbour wideout who average a ridiculous 18.6 yard per catch last year as a true freshman where he recorded 55 receptions for 1021 yards and TDs...

Got one word for ya, PLAY-MAKER.

A playmaker K-State finds themselves in hotly contested recruiting war with Oregon and Oregon State. While the Wildcats do have fellow LA Harbour JC bad ass Billy McClellan already in the fold as a cornerback commitment, that does not necessarily mean KSU has the upper hand when it comes to landing teammate Deryn Bowser.

"It would be really cool to go to one of the schools that have one of my teammates playing with me of course," Bowser acknowledging the advantages KSU affords him him with the commitment of McClellan to K-State. "But at the same time I have to say that it would nice to stay closer to home (Long Beach (CA) as well, which make Oregon and Oregon State very appealing too. At the same time though it's going to come down to the official visit process more than any other factor. Really, my decision is going to be based on where I feel the most comfortable at, regardless of proximity, or if one of my teammates is playing at a certain school or not. There ya have it--kid's going to use the official visit process to see where he fits in best and is the most comfortable as his No. 1 criteria.

A close second on his criteria for picking the right school is picking a program he feels gives hims the best opporunity to make an early/imemediate impact. Kid even said as much.

"Playing time is huge," Bowser revealed. "I've got two years to impress and I don't want to go to a school where I am not able to make an instant impact to be honest with you. So, a huge factor in my decision is also going to be where I can get on the filed the quickest and make a major contribution."

One of the advantages Bowser has is the fact that he has three years to play two. So if he felt that whatever system he was picking up was taking him longer than he expects to get up to speed, he can in fact elect to redshirt one year, giving him more experience in a new system, more time to dedicate to his studies, more time to implement the kind of route running, role he needs to play in order to become a significant ingredient to the offense's movement of the ball downfield...

True Frosh JC Stat Package: "55 receptions, 1021 yards (18.6 ypc), 10 TDs."

True SOPH JC Package: "(We're 4-2 and in six games) I have 30 catches, 300 yards, 4 TDs."

[Note by Dean: In response to Bowser's true sophomore season (where he has played 6 games to date), teams have identified the potential explosiveness of Bowser after a year of seeingn him wreck shop against LA Harbour opponenets last season. No question about, it has made for a much more difficult season to match last year's production. Opponents this season are essentially trying to take away arguably the best receiving optiion LA Harbour College trots out week in and week out So, if you're following me here, the LA Harbour wideout is drawing double coverage and "sometimes even triple coverage."]

Other Numbers/Notes to Consider...

Weieght Room Numbers: "285 Bench, 370 Squat, 256 Power Clean."

[Note by Dean: We usually always provide the kind of information KSU fans want when it comes to KSU recruiting in our regular recruiting updates, such as the one above. But if we tell you that there is even more info to digest, helping you assess where the Cats really rank in this kid's pecking order, you need to make sure you tune back in to either a Deryn Browser-Part 2 story or WCN Members: Deryn Bowser Exclusive-story that will soon follow this one. I assure you, we have even more key details to bust out on this kid via Bowser, himself, providing you the full Inside Scoop.]

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