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Brandon Kirksey Diggin' KSU?

Brandon Kirksey, a 6-foot-2, 266-pound DE/DT prospect from St. Louis gave members and supporters the schools in the best position to grab his verbal pledge in scoop-worthy fashion, offering up his 1-2-3-4 pecking order. While that is in fact informative Wildcat Nation Members Only reporting is dedicated to providing our members and supporters far more 411...

[Originally reported in the Wildcat Nation Members Only forum August 24, 2007]

Our subscribers/members and supporters want to know why Brandon Kirksey has Minnesota No. 1, Arkansas No. 2, Ole Miss No. 3 and more importantly why Kansas State is sitting only at No. 4 today.

Not stopping there, our members get a descriptive report on what the Wildcats must do differently, or continue to do the same, and/or whether or not to even keep the prospect we're putting the microscope on, on their respective K-State 2008 Wish List...

Let's get right to it, starting with why the Golden Gophers lead in the race to land the St. Louis defensive line prospect...

"If they offered (despite not yet offering Kirksey an official full-ride the Minnesota coaching staff still sits on top) I would probably go ahead and commit to them," Kirksey told "It's just a feeling about them I can't really explain (that has the Gophers No. 1 on list of favorites). I just think I could be pretty good in their program. A lot of guys from St. Louis who play for them are doing good there. Most of them play early too. And then they have had guys like Lawrence Maroney who is from St. Louis and played there, go onto the NFL and do well too..."

On Arkansas, who has officially offered Kirksey a scholarship offer, and sits only behind the Gophers, the 6-foot-2, 266-pound defensive end/tackle prospect said, "Well they have offered already and I just like the idea of playing college football in the SEC, for (UA head man) Houston Nutt, and the Razorbacks. Plus my God brother is up there (Arkansas) -- he told me a lot about Arkansas and the people there -- and how well the kids from Missouri do there. If all else fails (with Minnesota) then I'd probably go (to Arkansas).

Why Ole Miss is third? "They've offered and they've got a good program there," Kirksey revelaed. "I could see that when I went to their camp this summer. And I like their coaches. If all else fails (with both Minnesota and Arkansas) I'll probably go there."

As to why K-State who has not elected to tender a full-ride to the Hazelwood East DE/DT prospect (at this point) sits no higher than fourth, Kirsey told us, "At first I was really excited about them. They were the first to offer me a scholarship and I was really thinking I might go there. But they're not at the top of my list anymore. Because I'm kind of in the dark about what happened to them and why I haven't heard much from them. I don't know if they found somebody else they like better or not. I'm not even sure if they have my new number. The one they had doesn't work any more. Maybe that's why I haven't heard from them in such a long time. I'm not really sure right now what's going on with them."

K-State Take-Board Status: Kirksey remains on the take-board because a stronger commitment from the Wildcat coaching staff to the Hazelwood East DL could move K-State up his list of favorites. While that remains to be seen let's delve a bit deeper...

Kid is currently sporting a 2.2 GPA and on his first ACT attempt notched a 16. But by taking classes this summer to raise his GPA, not to mention taking an ACT prep class to raise his ACT score a couple of more points the next time he is scheduled to retake the ACT (in September) it appears to me that Kirksey is in on the road to qualifying.

Bottom Line: KSU still has a shot here. But they need to get back in touch soon and make amends if in fact they still dig the St. Louis Hazelwood East DE/DT prospect. Until that happens, Kirksey has K-State sitting fourth. This could be a direct result of K-State opting to go in a different direction or in fact could be the result of Kirksey needing to shore up his qualification status. That said, we will continue to check in with the 6-foot-2, 266-pound, senior-to-be to see if the Wildcat coaches ratchet up their efforts once again to land Kirksey...

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