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Aggressive, Attacking Defense Coming?

Aggressive, Attacking Defense Coming?

Defense wins championships is the old adage. This season, Coach Prince and Co. want to see a more aggessive and attacking style of defensive play from his Cats and the off-season saw changes. This year, the Cats will play out of a 3-4 defense. What is the end result of these changes? What can fans expect from the new defense? What will the style of play be? Read On...

Simply put, Kansas State second-year coach Ron Prince says, "If you don't play good defense you're going to lose games. All we have to do is look back to last year to learn that." Prince then detailed, "Good defensive teams tackle terrifically, and we did not do that consistently a year ago. And, we've got to get turnovers. We did from a fumble standpoint (17 recovered), but not from an... Recommended Stories

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